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We carry a wide variety of awnings, such as Metal Awnings, Spear Awnings, Dome Awnings, Bahama Shutters, Canopies, and Retractable Awnings. See below for details.

Metal Awnings - Window, Door & Patio Awnings These affordable metal awnings are ideal for protecting doors and windows from the elements. Get the protection you need, and save energy today!

Spear Awnings: Standard, Round & Concave
Looking to add a classic and unique look to your home or office? Try one of our Spear Awnings. You won't be disappointed.

Dome Awnings for Windows, Doors & Patios
These attractive classic enhancements add style to any office, shopping area, storefront, entryway, window, door and outdoor deck or patio area. Take advantage of our years of craftsmanship in awning and canvas construction and design to help you make the best buying decision and receive the greatest value for your money!

Bahama Shutters
These visually pleasing shutters are sure to compliment your home, mobile home, office, condominium or storefront, by not only adding tropical beauty, but also added storm protection. Bahama shutters provide convenient light, ventilation and privacy control. By allowing glare free light into your home the shutters not only eliminate fading of carpeting and drapes caused by intense sunlight.

Retractable Awnings for Windows, Patios & Decks
Retractable awnings are attractive additions protect the patio or outdoor lounging areas of your home or office. These high-quality retractable fabric awnings expands your outdoor living space and add value to your home or office without the cost of construction. In addition, retractable awnings help protect your indoor furniture and carpeting from fading, for years to come.

save energy, and value with awnings
Homeowners are continually looking for ways to get a greater return on their home investment. From lighting installments to kitchen and bathroom remodeling, increasing the value of a home and adding distinguishing features is a top priority in a saturated housing market. But with increasing prices for building materials and shrinking lot sizes, outdoor living areas are now becoming a more valuable and trendy upgrade.

Awnings, both aesthetically appealing and functional, create an outdoor extension of the home that can facilitate many activities. And a well-placed awning can add thousands of dollars to the price of a home, especially in smaller homes where square footage is at a premium.

"Homeowners often consider their homes a retreat and are on the lookout for unique additions that add character," said Michelle Sahlin, managing director, Professional Awning Manufacturers Association (PAMA). "Extending outdoor living with an awning creates a new room without the high costs and complexities of other home additions. Not to be overlooked, these outdoor havens have the potential to give homeowners increased selling power."

Another top priority for homeowners is using energy efficiently. By potentially saving more than $100 annually on energy, the addition of awnings to a home is an ecofriendly way to help cool the home's interior while reducing electricity usage. A recent study in Minneapolis, Boston, Seattle, Albuquerque, Phoenix, St. Louis, and Sacramento, found that window awnings can reduce household cooling energy by as much as 26 percent in hot climates and 33 percent in cold climates. PAMA, an international trade association of awnings manufacturers, funded the study to determine if awnings are a viable means of reducing energy and air conditioner usage in the home.

Beyond reducing homeowner's expenses, there is a much larger benefit. When numerous homeowners reduce their need far energy, rhea is less demand for energy at the times of peak usage, resulting in overall savings to utility companies and the public from a decreased need to supply generating capacity.

"Energy efficiency, shade and a lower electric bill are some of the most valuable reasons to purchase an awning for your home," said Sahlin. "Dollar for dollar, the value of this investment is hard to match when considering home upgrades."
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