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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you provide any warranty on your installation service?
A: Yes, we give a 2 year Installation Warranty on our awnings.

Q: What color is your frame?
A: We use aluminum frames, which are naturally silver. However, we can apply powder coating to the frame to match the color of the fabric.

Q: How long does an awning last?
A: Todays fabrics are generally warranted for five years. With proper maintenance and care they should last much longer. For example, awnings with sunbrella fabric come with a 10 year warranty but typically lasts 12-15 years, while awnings with vinyl fabric come with an 8 year warranty, but typically lasts on an average of 12 years.

Q: How do I keep my awning clean?
A: Regular maintenance generally means cleaning once-a-year with a mild soap, with additional cleaning if stains or soilage appears.

Q: What kind of wind loads can a retractable awning handle?
A: Retractable awnings primarily are for sun protection and should not be left out in windy conditions. However, wind is a very unpredictable force, with a tendency to change direction and speed very quickly. The general rule of thumb is: If you are comfortable sitting outdoors dining or reading the paper, then it is probably safe to operate your awning. The concern with wind is the uplifting effect on the awning rather than the downward force; therefore the greater the pitch, the more wind-resistant the unit is.